indoor stage hire


Modular Stage Hire

Hire a stage from £15 per square metre 

  • Supplied in multiples of 1 square metre 

  • A large range of stage heights

  • Supplied with steps and stage skirting

  • Handrails and access-ramps are option extras

Looking for more than just a stage? JTH can also supply you with Sound and Lighting to make this stage a self-contained performance solution.


Perfect for Award Ceremonies, Music Performances & Corporate Events

Our Modular Stage Hire provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for your event as it allows you to hire the right amount of staging for you! Why pay for more staging than you need?

Supplied in multiples of 1 square metres, our Modular Staging can be designed and built to suit your needs. 

Conforms to high safety standards with a loading capability of up to 750kg/square metre. Rapid build, deployment and tear-down.


Optional Extras include backdrops, handrails, access ramps and risers.

Catwalk/runway hire

Built from our Modular Staging, JTH can supply Catwalks and backdrops fit for any fashion show!


Pricing and more information can be seen above.