Speaker Cabinet Production

High quality, hand-crafted speaker cabinets. Developed to your specification.

Over the years we have used a huge range of commercially available speaker cabinets. While some of these have been of reasonable quality, a vast number have been disappointing in their performance and have not lived up to manufacturers claims. Some have failed miserably.

The best commercial speakers do; as a general rule, work very well - but at a big cost! As can be expected, budget and mid-price speakers produce budget results. These budget cabinets tend to be made from poor quality material such as chipboard and MDF making them very heavy. That old expression ‘You get what you pay for’ really does come to mind.

After many hours and much energy spent lugging such speakers around, we decided to apply our experience and expertise.
Through meticulous development, we have designed a range of tough, great sounding Speaker Cabinets that rival some of the best commercial units available, but at a fraction of the price.

We can supply empty cabinets, finished in either Aldcroft Speaker Paint or Carpet Material. Alternatively to save you some time and effort, we can fit the internal components to produce Fully Loaded and Ready-to-Go Speakers.

All of our cabinets are manufactured by hand using only High Quality, 18MM Birch Ply Wood with substantial internal bracing.

We also supply a range of Speaker Drivers from Eminence, Fane and Precision Devices and we stock a wide selection of Speaker Accessories including Protective Corners, Aldcroft Speaker Paint, Carpet Covering, Steel Grille Materials and Port and Tuning Tubes.